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      My name is Gina Moriarty and I live in the Pittsburgh area. I'm an emerging non fiction writer querying agents for my debut memoir. 

      My writing mostly covers the themes of misdirection, self-discovery, and heartbreak umbrellaed by hope.

     I graduated Cal U (PennWest) with a Bachelor's in English and a concentration in Literature. I earned my MFA through Chatham University where my thesis was the grateful recipient of the Katherine Ayers Award.


      Links for my publications are below.

               Thanks for stopping by! 


Gina Moriarty

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Most Recent Publications



"Temperance" was published by The Manifest Station on May 31, 2024. 


Read my flash nonfiction piece, "Befriending Shadows" May 1, 2024 in 

Cosmic Daffodil's eBook Yin & Yang.




The chapter excerpt "Pasta Wrestling" will appear in print in the Purple Ink Press 

Bimbo Feminist Anthology in 2024.​​

The chapter "Spindrift" will appear in Apple in the Dark's July issue.

My first photograph will be published in the Purple Ink Press Chameleon Chimera:

an Anthology of Florida Poets later this year.

Available for pre-order soon!

Older publications below.

Full Moon

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