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      My name is Gina Moriarty and I live in the Pittsburgh area. I'm an emerging non fiction writer querying agents for my debut memoir. 

      My writing mostly covers the themes of misdirection, self-discovery, and heartbreak umbrellaed by hope.

     I graduated Cal U (PennWest) with a Bachelor's in English and a concentration in Literature. I earned my MFA through Chatham University where my thesis was the grateful recipient of the Katherine Ayers Award.


      Links for my publications are below.

               Thanks for stopping by! 


Gina Moriarty

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Cachaca Shots



 In a piece I wrote recently, "Maybe in the metaphorical drinking life of a writer, publications were simply the free shot: the spider. In the statistics of my personal drinking history, the ratio of the drinks I paid for compared to those I drank for free made the proportion of submissions to publications look like cents on a dollar. If only bartenders had enough sense to say no even half as often as literary magazines, then I might’ve spent more time honing my craft than boning ex-boyfriends."


So, if editors had less sense, there would be more links, but they know best.

 All my rejections move to the revision pile. Check out what made the cut and check back for more! 


Read my flash nonfiction piece, "Befriending Shadows" May 1, 2024 in 

Cosmic Daffodil's eBook Yin & Yang.

April 23, 2024 an experimental travel piece I wrote in 100 word segments,

"100 Words / 12 Hits / Gravity" was released with the soft launch of 

Limit Experience Journal's new website. 

Read Marrow Magazine April 17, 2024 for an excerpt from my memoir,

the chapter "The Frequency of Giving."

My poem, "Streamlined to Sabotage" was published in a print anthology by 

Western Pennsylvania Bards Poetry Review and is available for purchase

April 16, 2024 on Amazon. 





The chapter excerpt "Pasta Wrestling" will appear in print in the Purple Ink Press 

Bimbo Feminist Anthology in 2024.​​

A short piece "Temperance" will be published by the Manifest Station Magazine soon. 

The chapter "Spindrift" will appear in Apple in the Dark's July issue.

My first photograph will be published in the Purple Ink Press Chameleon Chimera:

an Anthology of Florida Poets later this year.

Available for pre-order soon!

Older publications below.

Full Moon

For updates for new publications,

Questions or comments?

Excited to hear from you!

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